Harry’s Cider are a family business from South Somerset, producing a wide range of multi award-winning, refreshing craft ciders using apples from the family orchards. Cidermakers Harry and Toby Fry use traditional methods to create their flavoursome full-bodied ciders, placing great emphasis on fruit quality at the time of pressing.

About Harry’s Cider

Harry’s Cider began over a decade ago and has grown in popularity year on year. Traditional Somerset apple varieties provide the signature style and character of the brand, which is well recognised within the cider industry, and have culminated in winning the Supreme British Champion Cider. Harry believes that the cider he produces is the best in Somerset.

About the Range

The Harry’s Cider range of traditional, sparkling, fruit and mulled ciders – and of course apple juice – are all made on the farm, in small batch quantities and bursting with flavour. Bittersweet varieties such as Harry Masters Jersey, Dabinett, Yarlington Mill and Browns Apple are harvested, pressed, and matured for a minimum of 6 months prior to packaging.


Our family cider orchards are located within half a mile of our cider pressing facilities, thus reducing transportation costs and the associated impact on our carbon footprint. We are proud of our heritage and deeply passionate about the art of cidermaking, which we envisage passing down through the generations to come. Our orchards provide a great habitat for wildlife, flora and fauna. We recycle our packaging, and harvest our rainwater where possible, and utilise every part of our apples at the time of pressing.

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