Hawkstone is a range of premium British beers and ciders created by television presenter and farmer Jeremy Clarkson, in collaboration with a local brewery. It’s named after the Hawkstone, a Neolithic standing stone located in the Cotswold Hills

About Hawkstone

Having put blood, sweat and tears into cultivating his malting barley, Jeremy Clarkson was determined that it be put to good use, so resolved to supply it directly to a local brewery to turn into lager.

He was introduced to Rick and Emma from the Cotswold Brewery by the landlord at their local and they hit it off immediately. Like Jeremy, they’re committed to supporting local agriculture but they’re not just good people, they’re also excellent brewers. They created Hawkstone Lager – a brew of such exquisite quality that Jeremy decided to invest.

About the Range

Their range of lagers includes the signature, premium 5% ABV Hawkstone Lager, a beautifully balanced beer with light, refreshing citrus notes and a richness from the malted barley; their lighter Session Lager at 4%, and the full-flavoured pilsner-style 3.8 Pils. An amazing IPA and of course, Kaleb’s Hawkstone Cider rivals the lager for top-selling spot.


As a proudly British brand, Hawkstone are committed to supporting British farmers by only growing locally grown barley from farmers around the UK and producing their excellent beers in the Hawkstone brewery in Bourton on the Water. 

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