Hogan’s are a proudly independent, award-winning cider and perry maker on mission to the tell the world about the provenance and quality of proper cider, and to entice everyone with the delicious possibilities in real cider making.

About Hogan’s Cider

Taking only juice from freshly pressed English cider apples and perry pears from orchards across Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Herefordshire, Allen Hogan and his team ferment and blend in the slow and traditional way to great a range of fun, innovative and quite provoking ciders. The result – an range rarely matched by other cider makers and credited with a great number of awards. If you’re interested in cider and discovering what’s possible, Hogan’s is a great place to start.

About the Range

The English cider apples and perry pears come from the counties of Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire.  They believe delicious cider and perry are born out of a combination of great raw ingredients and an honest production process.  After milling and pressing, the juice ferments slowly during the cold winter months.  A leisurely period of maturation follows prior to skilled blending.  Hogan’s do not use apple or pear concentrate, nor do they add sugars prior to fermentation.  Only using cider apples and perry pears means their drinks are complex and refreshing. 


Their ethos is to explore the potential that the cider apple can offer us. They have unashamedly taken a leaf out of the craft beer brewers’ book by using different yeast strains, (Brettanomyces in Killer Sharp), some wild yeasts, different fermentation techniques, (keeving used in French Revelation), and being selective with the addition of other complementary ingredients (Chinook and Cascade Hops in HipHop, Elderflower in Wild Elder). The result is a very diverse range with highly distinctive characteristics.

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