Warwickshire based Ikoyi Chapmans has launched a ready to drink bottle in the UK. This is a Nigerian inspired drink from the childhood of Mike and Garry Robinson and is a soft, fizzy drink made with citrus fruit and bitters.

Their Story

The Ikoyi Chapmans journey started for Mike and Garry Robinson in 1973 at The Ikoyi Club in Lagos, Nigeria. Their parents were based in West Africa for over 30 years and during school holidays Mike and Garry would go to The Ikoyi Club to play squash, tennis, golf and swim. After these exertions in the heat and humidity of West Africa, one of the Club barmen would mix the most amazing, refreshing, thirst-quenching drink that was popular with everyone. It had a unique taste like no other drink and to this day they have never tasted anything like it….until now, that is. The Ikoyi Club name for this drink was Chapmans.

In the 1980’s and back in the UK, Mike and Garry became professional squash players and they continued to mix and drink Chapmans as both a great thirst-quencher and a great social drink. After their squash years they also discovered that it is a great cocktail mixer, blending particularly well with gin, vodka and Prosecco…truly an all round drink to enjoy.

For many years now their dream has been to produce this drink for everyone to enjoy, and now the reality of this dream has begun.

Our Brand Profile