Discovering Sir Isaac Newton in our family tree was a ‘eureka’ moment for us. Our cider is carefully made with dabinett apples grown in our orchards in West Dorset.
Inspired by our long-lost ancestor – we have developed a range of award-winning ciders that honour his works.

About Isaac Cider

Isaac Cider’s journey began with a lively tradition: our annual picking party in the orchard during harvest. Friends arrived from afar to gather apples, pressed and fermented into cider for year-round enjoyment.

It’s a celebration of togetherness, embodied in our motto: “picked by friends, made by family, and best enjoyed with both.”

About the Range

We offer four award-winning ciders for every taste: Anti-Gravity, a medium-dry still cider; Calculus is medium with a touch of bubbles; Refraction for a sweeter option; and Alchemy, our latest vintage cider comes with a punch. Made solely from our homegrown Dabinett cider apples, ensuring high juice content.


Our cider is only made from apples grown on the farm – talk about farm to table!
Our orchard has been in the family for three generations. Initially set up as a commercial orchard catering to the cider giants; the orchard’s industrial echoes are diminishing as we plant up hedgerows, let the grass grow late into the summer for our helpful insect friends and stopped using insecticides altogether.

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