Long Tail Mixers is the brainchild of two life long friends, Alex and Tom, who share a passion for the darker side of spirits. They felt the need to create something radically different and carefully crafted, that would complement any dark spirit without overwhelming their natural flavours. Herein began an epic journey of discovery for the two curious friends and that of the legendary Long Tail whom they shared similar beliefs to be the protectors of the Dark Spirits of which they hold so dear. Through experimentation and discovery, they have lovingly tailored their mixers to not only accompany, but even more importantly, complement, dark spirit flavours.

Their Story

Long Tail are a UK-based mixer brand with the ambition to produce a range of mixers that provide consumers with more freedom to experiment with dark spirits.

Founders Alex and Tom wanted to find the balance with mixers that are fresh, but not overpowering, invigorating, but not over-sweetened, and to produce drinks that harmonise with dark spirits, rather than mask their unique flavours. They wanted to create rounded flavours that highlight spirits in really simple serves, and that are interesting for bartenders to experiment with in more complex cocktails.

As categories have grown, particularly rum and tequila, Long Tail have been perfectly placed to help consumers enjoy these spirits in a new light.

The Legend of the Long Tail – The ‘Long Tail’ mongoose is warmly regarded as the protector of ‘Dark Spirits’ in the night, the saviour of the sugar cane, the hero of the midnight kingdoms. According to Caribbean folklore, lucky are those who cross paths with a long tail…

The Long Tail was introduced into the Caribbean way of life by distilleries in order to protect the precious sugar cane and mace from nocturnal invaders. Through saving the harvest the Long Tail saved the rum, by saving the rum he saved the peoples spirits, because let’s face it…the world would be worse off without Rum! Like these naturally heroic creatures, Long Tail mixers offer a little luck to those who dare to be different and will help them enjoy their own dark spirits in a new light.

Our Brand Profile