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A traditional brewery in the oldest continuously occupied town in Britain. 

About Loose Cannon brewery

Loose Cannon Brewery was founded in the historic brewing town of Abingdon on Thames in 2010 by Will Laithwaite. From a single employee then, Loose Cannon now employs a talented team of 12 people, all dedicated to producing the tastiest beer the town and the world beyond has ever seen.

Eschewing the world of gimmickry, holding back on bizarre graphic design to hide the mundane, our focus is firmly fixed on giving you the best beer drinking experience possible. With an ever-growing list of industry awards to their credit, we believe the future of Loose Cannon is one to keep an eye on.

The Craft Drink Co - Loose Cannon Beers
The Craft Drink Co - Loose Cannon Beers

About the Range

 In 2010, Loose Cannon produced their first and signature beer, Abingdon Bridge, a beautifully balanced classic English Bitter with a subtle modern twist.
Since then, Loose Cannon have produced over 68 different and tasty beers and for any single given year there will be 21 beers produced across the Permanent, Seasonal, Monthly and specialist ranges to satisfy even the most discerning customer. 


Loose Cannon Brewery prides itself on sustainability and it has launched a ‘DRAUGHT TAKE OUT’ scheme offering beers in re-usable returnable bottles and barrels. “As fresh as you can get,” says Loose Cannon. “Our reusable bottles and members barrels help reduce waste and impact on theenvironment.”

Will Laithwaite, Founder of Loose Cannon Brewery explains:

“Our sustainability ethos is to do as much as we can to help the environment. We have electric vans for local delivery, all our electricity is from sustainable sources, and we use as much recyclable/reusable packaging as possible.

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