Lovely Drinks produce an award-winning range of decidedly delicious, premium soft drinks from their rural base in North Somerset, near Bristol. They handcraft their range of sparkling presses and juices in small batches using the best ingredients possible, which include Cotswold lavender, Herefordshire raspberries, Wye Valley apples and Lincolnshire roses. Lovely like to keep things natural so stay well clear of nasties such as concentrates and preservatives; their drinks contain no artificial sweeteners, flavourings or colourings.

Their Story

Lovely Drinks produce an award-winning range of decidedly delicious, naturally-made soft drinks.

Their mission is to produce the best, most refreshing soft drinks possible using the highest quality ingredients, sourced in the UK wherever possible, including handpicked elderflowers, whole lemons and pressed English fruits and flowers.  All their drinks are free from gmos, artificial flavourings, preservatives, allergens, synthetic sweeteners and colourings. They use bottles that are made from at least 50% recycled glass, their labels are made using paper with glue that is free from animal products and they avoid any single-use plastics. They have won many national awards, including 20 Great taste awards, and they are Vegan approved by the Vegetarian Society.

Rick and Victoria started blending the drinks a few years ago in their garden shed, making small batches of elderflower pressé to sell at local markets and festivals. Soon they started supplying cafes and restaurants in nearby Bristol. The business blossomed, and their drinks are now available in cafes, delis and bars across the South West and beyond.

Their range include favourite Elderflower Pressé made with organic elderflowers, their full bodied and fiery Ginger Beer and their fruity Raspberry Lemonade made with English raspberries and organic lemon juice. They’ve recently added two colas to their range, Original Cola and Sour Cherry Cola, which are both free from caffeine and phosphoric acid and made from 100% natural hand blended botanicals and not-from-concentrate sour cherry juice.

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