Loxley Cider is a fine English craft cider producer, founded in the ancient cider making area of Nottinghamshire, once known as Loxley Chase. Their unique blends and recipes have been created under the passionate care of multi-award winning master cider maker Bob Chaplin. Like fine wine, Loxley Ciders can be appreciated for their superior complexity, balance, depth of flavour and finish.

Loxley Ciders
Loxley Ciders

Their Story

Loxley Cider is crafted using premium English apples. Our English heritage, modern and traditional cider apple varieties, include Dabinett, Tremblets Bitter, Yarlington Mill, Howgate Wonder and Somerset Redstreak.

The perfectly ripe, crisp fruit is picked and washed, then shredded into fine pulp. The pulp is then pressed to produce the finest, purest and freshest juice.

Loxley Cider is created under the passionate care of multi-award winning Master Cider Maker Bob Chaplin.

Our joint passion for the art of fine cider and fine art has created an exciting collaboration with one of Britain’s most acclaimed illustrators; Brian Grimwood.

Credited with changing the look of British illustration, he has produced works of art for Time Magazine, The New Yorker, the BBC and worked directly with The Beatles creating album covers and Christmas cards for George Harrison.

Now, Brian has created a range of expressive label designs that cleverly capture the personality of Loxley Cider, contemporary, fun, authentic and quintessentially English.

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