One of the UK’s most prestigious organic soft drinks brand with a multi-award-winning range of organic soft drinks and mixers.

About Luscombe

Luscombe hand select organic ingredients from trusted growers worldwide and produce their drinks in Devon, England. Their range of multi-award-winning drinks contain soft Devon water from their own spring and freshly pressed organic fruit. All Luscombe drinks are vegan friendly and gluten free, they never use any nasties.

About the Range

They have 5 different ranges at Luscombe Drinks, a delicious range of seasonal, organic, fruit juices made from fruits grown in their Luscombe orchards. Bubblies offering a delicate balance of floral notes with a refreshing zing. Their crushes are sparkling refreshing drinks, full of rich succulent fruit flavour. They also blend Dartmoor spring water, drawn from a source on their farm, with Indian quinine and wild or organic fruits to create a range of premium tonic waters that provide the perfect partner to your favourite spirit.


Luscombe Drinks were the first soft drinks company to be organically certified by the Soil Association in 1998. In 2002, we planted 40 acres of diverse native woodland. In 2018, they joined an agroforestry project where they planted 1,800 elder trees a rotation of organic horticultural crops & wildflowers, to produce a higher density of flora & fauna for natural pest management and increased biodiversity.
They also installed solar panels and reduced pasterisation temperature to reduce the use of fossil fuels by 30%.

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