Founded in 2012 by Nick Watson, this microbrewery is based at the heart of the Chiltern Hills and has a real focus on the natural ingredients that go into making fine real ales. This includes very British malted barley farmed on the Icknield series through to contemporary hops sourced from around the world.

Their excellent ‘Starry Nights’, at 4.0% ABV is a beautiful amber ale that’s delightfully easy to drink. The inclusion of Southern Hemisphere hops makes this a well balanced and fruity ale.

Their Story

Malt the Brewery was established by Nick Watson in 2012, in the former milk-bottling hall at Collings Hanger Farm, set in the heart of the beautiful Chiltern Hills. No longer a dairy herd at the farm, the Tamworth Pigs do get to enjoy the spent grains. It’s a lovely sustainable way to empty the mash tun on brew day. The brewery focusses on quality natural ingredients, and traditional brewing methods.

Everyone is welcome to visit the brewery and enjoy a pint at the Tasting Bar. It’s a unique experience that lets you overlook the brewing hall whilst savouring your pint.

Tasting Bar staff will be happy to offer you samples from our range of ales, helping you to find your favourite.

Our Brand Profile