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MOTH Drinks are making waves in the ready-to-drink cocktail sector and have launched a superb range of pre-mixed cocktails to include a Mojito, Espresso Martini, Margarita, Negroni and an Old Fashioned. They have partnered with a number of premium spirit brands, some of whom feature in our portfolio, to produce 125ml and 200ml canned cocktails that are of genuine strength and flavour. Their branding and messaging is modern, informative and fun whilst boasting substantial sustainability credentials too! Perfectly convenient and of superb quality. Good for sharing at dinner parties, date nights and picnics, or just having at the ready.

The Craft Drink Co - MOTH Cocktails
The Craft Drink Co - MOTH Cocktails

Their Story

For maximum togetherness. Because great friends deserve great drinks. And great drinks are easy. They cost what they’re worth, not what they want. They go where they’re needed, in handbags – or pockets. And the good times follow. Because we believe cocktails are for everyone. Our drinks are made to be enjoyed wherever, however, with whoever. Picnic blankets or poker tables, tuxes or trackies. We’ll do us and you do you.

Do one thing. And do it really, really well. For us, it’s cocktails. Not wine, not cheese – just cocktails. We love what we make, and we make what we love. We’re picky – with what we make and how we make it. Every sip is important, and as with every ingredient, every word counts, every detail speaks. We aren’t impulsive. We’re perfectionists. Great cocktails aren’t the same without great people. We surround ourselves with friends – people we love and admire, quicker, kinder, funnier, smarter, stronger, more brilliant than ourselves. As a company, we’re true to our values. We care about humans, we care about the planet. There are times to be nice and times to be stubborn. We won’t compromise, and we won’t work with anyone who doesn’t feel the same way.

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