In the town of Acciaroli, Italy, one in ten people live to over 100 years old, and without many of the problems that plague aging populations elsewhere around the globe. When scientists visited Acciaroli, they identified one potentially crucial variable: the villagers ate rosemary, and a lot of it. Rosemary’s benefits are well-documented: it has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-carcinogenic properties. It can reportedly ward off dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Several research scientists have found that rosmarinic acid – rosemary’s active ingredient – can offer a number of health benefits to regular consumers.

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In the peaceful coastal hamlet of Acciaroli, villagers enjoy the good life – and they enjoy it for a while longer than the rest of us: something that has been linked to rosemary.

This fact captured the interest of David Spencer-Percival, No1 Botanicals founder and CEO, who in 2017 set out to harness the power of the herb. David designed No1 Rosemary Water as a drink to remember; something that would provide a means of incorporating this reinvigorating herb into conventional diets.

No1 Rosemary Water – the first single-extract botanical drink – was born. Working with the scientists at Kew, the team have added 9 new herbs to Rosemary, growing the family. Each herb is chosen for its unique properties and subtle flavour and undergoes a complex extraction process that preserves the precious botanical compounds.

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