From the Bredon Hills, Nurses Cottage are a delightful range of award winning elderflower and fruit pressés, and elderflower cordial, produced by this traditional cottage industry producer using the best and often wild ingredients from fields, hedgerows and orchards.

Their Story

Nurses Cottage was founded by the Rollett family and is a traditional cottage industry producer of cordials and pressés, including the award-winning Mulled Plum Potion (HEFF Diamond Award 2009) and the sparkling Elderflower Pressé (Gold Great Tastes One Star 2009). Other timeless classics include Elderflower & Gooseberry Pressé and the modern original Plum Pressé drinks.

Nurses Cottage are delighted to offer a varied and high quality range of drinks, which are made with great taste and great ingredients as the priority. From their own Nurses Cottage kitchen comes a range of traditionally made creations which represent the very best that the fields, hedgerows, and orchards have to offer.

The family first made their cordials at home, in the cottage where the district nurse once had her practice, hence the name given to our range.

Our Brand Profile

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