Oldfields Cider is a relative of the well-regarded Hobsons Brewery and maintains the vision too. Home grown ingredients, free of concentrates and crammed full of natural flavour. Oldfields farm is the local supplier of hops for Hobsons and in 2013 combined forces with the brewery to put their cider apple orchards to commercial use.

Their Story

Oldfields cider is produced locally on our family run farm in the Teme Valley, Worcestershire. At Oldfields we’re devoted to crafting quality cider made from freshly pressed apples. All our ciders are concentrate free, meaning they are crammed full of natural flavour! We’re a traditional Teme valley farm with a mix of enterprises; keeping sheep and cattle since 1960, harvesting hops from ‘79 until 2018 and commercially growing cider apples for the last 17 years. With that Teme Valley tendency for diversification in mind, it was in 2013 that we decided to turn our hand to producing the finest craft cider for all the good folks of Worcestershire and beyond. You’d be forgiven for wondering, with barely 6 years experience under our belt, just how do we manage to make such magnificent cider? Well, we have a little secret actually. There’s something we’ve done at Oldfields for even longer than keeping sheep, every autumn since we’ve been here infact, Making Cider! But it’s so good that it’s taken us nearly 60 years to share it.

Our Brand Profile