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Penderyn Distillery is in Wales and has been in the Top 10 Single Malt producing distilleries in the UK in 2023. They are across the UK and export to over 50 countries.

About Penderyn Distillery

Penderyn Distillery was founded in 2000 and was Wales’ first distillery in over 100 years and now has distilleries in Penderyn (HQ), Llandudno and Swansea. The company is privately owned, and has around 60 shareholders. The major owner, the CEO and a director came from the Wales steel industry.

About the Range

Penderyn have Gold Range (46%) whiskies and Dragon Range (40%) whiskies, as well as Icons of Wales Editions and Single casks. They also produce vodka, rums, gins and a cream liqueur.


Brecon Beacons and Swansea distilleries are fitted with solar panels. Distillery waste is sent to anaerobic digestion (pot ale) or to animal feed via a local farmer (draff). The Dragon whisky range rebrand reduces the carbon footprint. All sites have EV charging points, with staff incentivized to switch to EVs. Penderyn also use local water from their own bore hole.

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