Born from founder Alistair Frost’s love of adventure and the outdoors, Pentire has been created to capture the smell, sound, flavour and feeling of being by the ocean within a thoroughly modern, non-alcoholic spirit option, the category for which is showing great signs of growth! Pentire is a celebration of unique plant life that grows on the Cornish headland. Key botanicals thrive there due to a combination of favourable climate, soil pH, and air moisture. Through research and experimentation with local botanists, distillers and brewers Pentire have created non-alcoholic spirits that capture these flavours through careful distillation.

Their Story

This journey began with a love of coastal living. Catching waves until dusk. Camping on cliff tops, and foraging hedgerows for unexpected bounty. Sharing discoveries amongst friends with a drink in hand by an open fire.

Some of the simplest and purest pleasures were enjoyed by the coast. Lungs filled with fresh air. Belly filled with fresh fish. A happy mind and a healthy body. 

Pentire headland was a beacon during this time. We surfed below it, scaled up it and stretched out on its grassy verges waiting for swell to come in. It became our home. And sparked the beginning of a long-standing appreciation for how powerful and beautiful the Cornish coastline is.    

I left Cornwall, to experience the energy of London. Worked in the drinks industry, gave me an insight in the power drinks can have on one’s lifestyle. And the potential they could have to enrich a more healthy and sustainable one. A fire that burned and yearned for the sea, brought me back to the coastline.

Time spent outdoors was precious. If I was to really feel the salt water on my skin, the fresh air and smells of this wild British landscape, waking up with a foggy head or hungover head was not an option. Rising early instead, to sink into the sea and watch the sun appear over the horizon was much more appealing. It occurred to me then.. that a drink which captured the coast.. which encouraged these simple pleasures, good health and a clear mind was needed. That coupled with an emerging generation who are drinking less and seek for meaningful experiences, lead to me believe a Botanical Non-Alcoholic Spirit was needed. And so Pentire was born. 

We hope you get as much pleasure from our drinks as we do. They are to be enjoyed anywhere. A delicious drink in the comfort of your own home, or somewhere wild and beautiful. Enjoy!

Alistair, Founder

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