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Pure Booch is the result of an exciting collaboration between Paul Halsey, founder of Purity Brewing, and Paddy O’Connor. Between them, they have devised this exceptional range of highly approachable kombuchas to satisfy the growing trend for healthy drink alternatives. Made at their fermenter in Birmingham and containing live cultures and bacteria that are proven to be excellent for your gut health and general wellbeing, this range of Original, Grapefruit, Cranberry and Ginger & Lime Kombuchas are destined drive the category. Modern, fun, delicious and good for you! 

The Craft Drink Co - Pure Booch
The Craft Drink Co - Pure Booch Paddy O'Connor

Their Story

Patrick ‘Paddy’ O’Connor never thought a year as an ecology research technician in South Africa would lead to Pure Booch; but it did. After being unwell and on antibiotics for months, his system became depleted of all good bacteria. He then discovered Kombucha. But it wasn’t just any kombucha. It was home-brewed by Paddy himself, using his experience as a research scientist to create the cleanest brew possible.​

With a little (aka, a lot) of trial & error & state-of-the-art equipment, Paddy has since mastered the art of crafting authentic pure Kombucha, with his secret lying in the slow brew process and speciality tea blend. 

A secret he will probably take to his grave.

In 2020 Paddy met Paul, owner of award winning Purity Brewing Co and they instantly bonded over a shared appreciation of authentic brewing and benefits of Kombucha. Patrick introduced Paul to his personally brewed kombucha, and in 2022 Pure Booch was born. 

Pure Booch is the story of how one man’s pure passion has become everyone’s Pure Booch.

We brew Booch the right way. Pure Booch is authentically slowed brewed pure Kombucha. Unlike other brands on the market its raw and unpasteurised keeping it real with live cultures and bacteria. Pure Booch is low in sugar, naturally flavoured and free from preservatives.

For us, respecting the traditional craft of brewing kombucha is essential to a good quality booch. So, we go out of our way to brew slow (with a live SCOBY) and do things right. Even if that makes it more difficult.

We understand the importance of slow. Slowly is the right way to brew kombucha, it’s what makes it authentic. Slow ensures the bacteria properly ferments. It is also what gives the fermented tea its flavour and natural fizz. 

Pure Booch is brewed using a mixture of ethically and sustainably grown green and black tea leaves, sugar cane, water and sugar. We also bottle onsite, using environmentally conscious packing.

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