Ramsbury Distillery are located on a working farm in Wiltshire. The distillery champions sustainability in their ethos and operations and uses heat generated by a biomass boiler fed by the farms own sustainable woodland. The livestock are fed the spent wheat from the distillery & even the wastewater is cleaned by a wildlife friendly reed bed system. Both their gin and their vodka are superb in quality and taste and their bottles are attractively branded. 

Their Story

At Ramsbury we are farmers first, and we use our deep-rooted understanding that the more we care for the landscape around us, the more it will give us. Situated amongst the 19,000 acres of land on the Ramsbury estate is our distillery, with the milling shed sat just next door. Besides that sits our own orchard and lake. Behind, fields of our Horatio wheat grow, which will be harvested on precisely the day that is best because as farmers, we know the land and the crop as well as we know how to make a fine gin.

At Ramsbury we practice environmental conscious farming. We use the perfect blend of tradition and innovation to produce spirits with the highest quality and the lowest environmental impact.

Our copper stills use the steam generated by a bio-mass boiler fed by our own sustainable woodland. Once the distilling is complete, the spent grains are fed to the animals on the farms. The wastewater is cleaned by a wildlife-friendly reed bed system, which then feeds into our lake.

Our Brand Profile