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Gordon Rich started pressing Somerset cider apples in 1954 and to this day, the cider mill remains a family business. Located on the Somerset Levels near Burnham-on-Sea, Rich’s Cider grow many of their own apples and press every juice on their farm, producing a range of styles and formats.      

We start with their 500ml sparkling ciders and a selection of their flagons. This is another piece of Somerset cider-making that will feature in our craft portfolio

Their Story

There have been many changes since Gordon Rich started pressing cider apples at Mill Farm, although essentially the production of the juice is still traditional.

Rich’s Cider – Always bringing a “True Taste of Somerset” to Cider Drinkers

Rich’s Cider has been making Somerset Cider since 1954. Gordon and Betty Rich came to Mill Farm, Watchfield, over 60 years ago and began pressing Somerset apples to produce Rich’s Traditional Farmhouse Cider.

When Gordon and Betty passed away, the company was passed on to their daughter Jan and her family who continue to expand the range of great tasting ciders, staying true to their Somerset roots and without compromising on traditional methods.

Rich’s continue to harvest apples from local orchards in Somerset, pressing the apples on the farm using the original presses and the “rack and cloth” method. The juice is then matured in aged oak vats, before being bottled and packaged on the farm.

What makes Rich’s different from other cider makers?

· All our cider apples come from traditional apple varieties harvested from within a 30 mile radius of the farm

· Fermentation takes place naturally aided by natural yeasts that are borne with the apples

· We remain a 100% family owned business, supporting the rural economy

· Its estimated that 100,000 people visit our family farm each year to try and buy our cider


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