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Distilled and crafted at the waters edge in Devon, Salcombe Distilling Co’s exceptional collection of multi-award-winning Salcombe Gin, New London Light non-alcoholic spirits & aperitifs, and their latest Salcombe Rum, use a variety of fresh botanicals, inspired by coastal locations around the world.


Every bottled purchased, or every sip, of Salcombe Gin or New London Light made, is helping support the Marine Conservation Society as SDCo. donate 1% for every bottle sold as part of the ‘1% for the Oceans’ initiative. This donation helps protect and regenerate vital ocean habitats.

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Their Story


Inspired by the coastal vitality of Salcombe and its shipbuilding heritage, Salcombe Distilling Co. creates exceptional gin at its waterside distillery on Island Street, Salcombe; one of the world’s only distilleries directly accessible by boat.

Salcombe Fruiters were schooner sailing vessels built in Salcombe and neighbouring Kingsbridge in the 19th century. These hand built ships were the fastest of their day, with copper sheathed hulls and an ability to sail close to the wind, they were small and fast to carry the highly perishable cargo of fresh fruits and spices from around the world to England’s ports. .

Harnessing the essence of these ships’ precious cargo and their exotic trading routes, we use only the finest citrus fruits and spices to create our collection of exceptional multi-award winning gins, each led by flavour and inspired by history.

Nestled amongst traditional boat builders on Island Street, we continue Salcombe’s legacy of producing outstanding handcrafted products. Drawing influence from our rich maritime history, we produce every drop of our gins with an unrivalled passion, care and attention to detail.

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