Gloucestershire has a rich history of producing excellent apple juice, cider and perry; a heritage the people at Severn Cider are passionate about preserving.

The Bull family has been cider-making for three generations and their current range of bottled sparkling cider and perry has won first class awards in major contests. They source their fruit locally from orchards, in addition to their own, that are free of fertilizers and sprays, and they use vintage varieties of fruit to hand-craft the best flavours.

Their Story

Cider and perry has been produced by the Bull family in Gloucestershire for three generations. Using traditional varieties of apples and pears – some native to their area of Gloucestershire, the Bull family make an impressive range of cider and perry. And yes, it’s perry, not pear cider.

Since 1956, the cider has been made at their family home and now cider mill. Set within 4 acres of heritage orchards and established gardens, we are situated on the banks of the River Severn in Awre, the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. The family are continuing to plant cider apple and perry pear trees at their new orchards in Blakeney, home of the famous Blakeney Red Perry pear.

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