Located a short distance from the world famous Silverstone Circuit in Northamptonshire, Silverstone Brewery are a small brewery with big ideas. They are the ‘Engineers of Beer’.

Brewed in small batches, their range is precision engineered and fuelled with flavour to excite both beer and motorsport enthusiasts alike. They are driven by passion and inject this into their beers. So if you’re tired of ordinary beer, then it’s time for a Pit Stop!

Silverstone Brewery

Their Story

Established in 2019 under the stewardship of a local brewer, the mission is simple: to make Silverstone as famous for beer as it is for motorsport.

When a small group of passionate car enthusiasts meet in a pub and realise that they are all obsessive about their local beers and the history and heritage that surrounds both, they start to talk. So you can imagine that living in and around Silverstone which to them is the heart and soul of motorsport in the UK and having the amazing opportunity to take on the Silverstone Brewery was a dream come true.

Their mission is to celebrate the pioneering and flamboyant characters of the early days of motorsport by engineering their passion into their beers. They are totally committed to creating beers that have that special DNA of excitement and skill, a beer they’re proud to make and more importantly that their customers are proud to drink.

Our Brand Profile