The Sixteen Ridges Vineyard resides on a sheltered Worcestershire hillside within a natural ampitheatre with views south along the Severn river valley. It captures maximum sunlight and warmth and provides an ideal location for wine making.

Simon and Hannah Day are most famous for being a part of the award-winning cider and perry producers Once Upon A Tree. Simon, first and foremost a winemaker, has now reverted to type by producing this range of young English wines made from 100% Pinot Noir.

Their Story

Sixteen Ridges vineyard was planted in 2007 on an ancient ridge and furrow field (hence Sixteen Ridges). South facing and a natural amphitheatre shape, it enjoys a perfect aspect with excellent shelter. Here their multi award winning Pinot Noir, used in the sparkling and much sought after red wines, thrive.

Redbank vineyard was planted in 2012 by the passionate, knowledgeable and pioneering hand of growers Cilla and Tim. It is located on the south-facing slopes of the Wall Hills; where in the 13th century St Thomas Cantilupe, the last English Saint, is recorded to have demanded the re-planting of vines. A testament to this spot’s history and heritage as an exceptional site for vines.

All the Sixteen Ridges wines are produced at their winery in the historic town of Ledbury. At first sight, they operate a well organised farm and winery, but lift the lid off of the winery, and discover the strive to challenge convention; an approach which is at the core of their entrepreneurial owner Angus, and award-winning winemaker Simon. From single varietal trials of vines grown under tunnels, to small batch co-fermentation, or apple ice cider production, the team at Sixteen Ridges are constantly challenging ourselves to entice their customers to try something new.

Our Brand Profile