St Maur is a multi-award winning premium Elderflower Liqueur brand founded by William and Kelsey Seymour, Earl and Countess of Yarmouth. Drawing on old family recipes handed down through the generations, the couple originally wished to create a drink that would serve as a unique tipple to share between friends and family on their wedding day. After rave reviews, William and Kelsey decided to share this recipe beyond their inner circle and St Maur Elderflower Liqueur was born. The name derives from their impressive family heritage which dates back to the Middle Ages.

Their Story

The St Maur brand is the creation of William and Kelsey Seymour, Earl and Countess of Yarmouth, and St Maur elderflower liqueur was brought to market in summer 2020 after two years in development as an authentic, local, hand crafted premium quality elderflower liqueur.  St Maur has its origins in a love story worthy of a Jane Austen novel, and a drink made to celebrate William and Kelsey’s marriage.  Follow the coordinates on the label and logo and these will take you to an elder grove in protected ancient woodland, Ladies Wood in Warwickshire in the heart of England, where wild elder blossoms that flavour St Maur are gathered.  The name St Maur evokes a thousand years of heritage.  It is the name used in medieval times by the Seymour family, but by the time Jane Seymour married Henry VIII, the family name had changed.  Then there was Francis Seymour, the 5th Marquess of Hertford, who introduced the French or red-legged partridge to England as a game bird in the 19th century.  So, on the bottle you will also find Percy, St Maur’s brand mascot, a red-legged partridge.

William and Kelsey Seymour comment:

“Our purpose with St Maur is to inspire and enable the consumer to enjoy ‘a little drop of England’s heart’, and share it with her friends, wherever she is in the world.  Nowhere is a little drop of England’s heart better exemplified than with St Maur elderflower liqueur.  There are mixologists in London for instance who have really gone to town with our St Maur liqueur in a whole range of cocktails, and it’s great to see that, but our love is for accessible easy to make drinks that you don’t have to be mixologist to make.  This is where St Maur really comes into its own.  Stir St Maur elderflower with freshly squeezed lime juice, Prosecco, mint leaves, and ice, and it makes probably the best Hugo cocktail in the world, the Hugo St Maur.  Enjoy!”

St Maur advocates responsible drinking, and the choice of better quality.

Our Brand Profile