St Maur is a versatile liqueur for cocktails and for sipping on its own. Growing in sales, popularity, and acclaim, St Maur is the winner of multiple international awards.

About St Maur

St Maur was brought to market in 2020 by William and Kelsey Seymour, and is a drink originally made for guests at their wedding. Made with wild elderflowers picked exclusively on their family farm and ancient woodlands in Warwickshire, St Maur really is “a little drop of England’s heart”.

About the Range

St Maur is available in two sizes: 70cl for hospitality and for sharing and enjoying with friends and family at home, and 20cl which is popular for gifting. St Maur offers branded bags and cocktail recipe leaflets to go with each bottle. Allergen free, gluten free, and suitable for vegans.


St Maur do not believe it is enough just to “do no harm”. The St Maur business is a farm diversification project, on land which has been in the family over 400 years. Provenance, sustainability, and custodianship of environment is central to everything they do at St Maur.

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