The Boutique Distillery Logo 2022

The Boutique Distillery was founded by Jonny Harper in 2018 and since this time has created a range of multi-award winning Gin’s and Rum from their base in Gloucestershire. At the time, The Boutique Distillery was the only eco-distillery in England, widely acclaimed for designing and building their own unique copper stills from scratch using up-cycled materials, with their entire distillery being run on 100% renewable energy.  Their range of exceptional and multi-award winning spirits consist of a Dry Gin, Raspberry & Hibiscus Gin and HAKA Rum.

The Craft Drink Co - The Boutique Distillery Dry Gin
The Craft Drink Co - The Boutique Distillery Raspberry & Hibiscus Gin

Their Story

As a teen back in the late 1980’s whilst training as an engineer in the Aerospace Industry, an old boy in the village bought me some drawings to make him a “whiskey still” in exchange for some pocket money.  Sure, I had indeed heard of whiskey but never a “still”,  so my inquisitive brain was intrigued. 

After many a late night working on this contraption and assembling it down in his barn, I finally got to see what he was going to do with it.  This old fella loaded his new still it with some fermented corn mash, (which to me as a young lad looked repulsive), fired up the burner and before long clear liquid started to drip from the condenser.  My mind was quite literally blown!

By the time I was 19 I had built my own still from an up cycled stainless steel beer keg and copper pipe I purchased from a local scrap dealer and set to work to make vodka which then progressed to a gin containing just 3 botanicals.  It was definitely “a bit citrussy” and clouded when either ice or tonic was added due to there being lots of oil from the botanicals in suspension, but it was very tasty all the same and went down a treat with our nana’s. I found that my real love was in making whiskey and in particular rum as the rum gave me more freedom and allowed me to get creative and to experiment with everything from raw sugar cane fresh off the boats from Fiji that I pressed to get the juice to ferment,  to using dark molasses and different kinds of sugars and yeasts suited better for the warm climate of New Zealand.

In 2018 I set up The Boutique Distillery Ltd which was the only Eco-Distillery in the United Kingdom where our unique stills and equipment were hand built on site from up-cycled materials essentially giving throw away junk a new lease on life.  Everything on site is powered by 100% wind and solar energy and we also grow some of our rarer botanicals which have been carefully cultivated and are used in our fine Gin’s. 

Our ex bourbon cask HAKA Premium Rum,  Original Dry Gin and Raspberry & Hibiscus Gin have all won awards from The Guild of Fine Foods – Great Taste,  London Spirits Competition and were the only beverage to make it as finalists in the Food Glorious Food – Best of our Counties Competition.  All of this has been a huge achievement for us as a small distillery over the last couple of years and one that I am immensely proud of. 

Currently we offer just 3 products but as we grow there are plans in the pipeline to build a much larger still and to expand our range of premium small batch craft spirits.