Each and every bottle of Sweet Potato spirits starts their journey on the farm where only the finest sweet potatoes are hand-picked and used in making a selection of superb spirits.  Once at the distillery, their expert distilling team combine methods passed down through the generations along with their clever modern techniques to produce an outstanding range of unique and innovative spirits. Their copper pot stills could tell a story or two, and are used to unlock flavours more than a hundred years in the making. 

These aren’t just any drinks. These are Sweet Potato Spirits. With Spirit.

Their Story

Based in Pershore, Worcestershire.
The Sweet Potato Spirit Company make Sweet Potato Spirits. With Spirit.

Many moons ago – in a speakeasy far, far away – thirsty drinkers lined up around the block for a sip of their neighbourhood bootleggers’ latest concoctions, with prohibition in full swing traditional distilling methods had all but dried up. Even the most basic ingredients were in short supply. But that wasn’t going to stop master moonshiners. Adversity became the mother of invention.

Almost 100 years on, The Sweet Potato Spirit Company are still at it.

Following the footsteps of their forefathers, they have taken the best of those age old methods forged in times gone by and added their own ingenious twists to create a range of artisan spirits packed with flavour.

Crisp gins. Smooth Liqueurs. Pure Vodkas. Fabulous Rums. Even a modern-day Gold Medal winning twist on the moonshines that started it all. Their UK-first range has been created to satisfy the most discerning drinker no matter the occasion.

Find your perfect spirit with S.P & join the revolution.
Don’t just take their word for it.

The Sweet Potato Spirit Company have won multiple Awards since they launched in 2016. They won ‘The World Food Innovation Award’ for ‘Best New Artisan Spirit’ for their range and have won medals in four different highly respected World Spirit Competitions and have recently added five Great Taste Awards to their Trophy Cabinet.

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