Titanic Brewery have been brewing beer for over 3 decades and in that time, they have come a long way! From a small seven barrel brewery, the team now brew over 3.5 million pints every year. Still brewing in the same building in Stoke-on-Trent, the industrial and creative heart of the West Midlands, they are extremely proud of their brewing heritage. Born & bred in Staffordshire, two beer-loving brothers Keith and Dave Bott decided that the best way to ensure good beer was being consumed in the local area and beyond, was to brew themselves and thus Titanic Brewery was born. Keith can still be seen regularly mashing in each morning at the brewery and Dave is often building bars and painting walls in their plethora of pubs!

Titanic Brewery Banner
Titanic Brewery Banner

Their Story

When we started back in the eighties, we brewed one beer – Titanic Premium. At the time, there were very few small brewers and it felt like we were sailing into uncharted waters. We shouldn’t have worried, people loved the easy drinking, quaffable flavour of Premium. We now call it Anchor and it remains a favourite. Today, we brew over 20 beers all distinctive, all of which have earnt a loyal following and we continue to be on the lookout for new beers to bring on board. That said, we always remember our roots. To join the Titanic family, every beer must be as distinctive and refreshing as Premium was back in the day.

A Passion for beer built on three and a half decades of brewing

It’s really simple. We brew beers we are proud of. Beers that we love to drink. We think if we’re passionate about our beer, you will be too. We take a lot of time to get our brews right. Yes, we’re always open to new ideas and ready to experiment but we will not compromise. Every beer has to be distinctive, refreshing and darn right quaffable before it is it given the right to display our famous Titanic badge.

Sure we’re proud to say we have won many awards for our beers over the years. But at the end of the day, what matters most is when we see a Titanic glass waved over the bar with the line “I’ll have another one of those please”.

We know people in and around the Potteries share our passion because we drink with them. What is really humbling is how many people from the length and breadth of the Britain have also found our beer and share the passion. Welcome on board!

The Titanic team.

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