Founder Tom, alongside Master Distiller Cory, decided from the outset that The Oxford Artisan Distillery would be something very unique. The aim was to create a  truly sustainable craft distillery where every step of the distilling process is carried out with careful consideration. The distillate itself is created from scratch using ancient populations of heritage grain that are organically grown on four local farms. The vast majority of the rye, wheat and barley is pre-1904, which is likely to have been used when the barn was first built, relinking this historical farm to its agricultural ancestry.  Furthermore, the bespoke copper still used to create this spirit is made by the South Devon Railway Engineering Company, the last great historical industrial coppersmiths in England.

The Oxford Artisan Distillery - Gin & Vodka Bottle
The Oxford Artisan Distillery - Ashmolean Dry Gin

Their Story

From our ancient heritage grains, grown exclusively for us within 50 miles of Oxford, to our magnificent handmade custom stills, we own every step of the process that makes our one-of-a-kind spirits.

We are proud that from seed to still – and into the final bottle on the shelf – we distil incredible tasting spirits, quite unlike any others in the world, whilst supporting ancient methods of farming and encouraging biodiversity in the Oxfordshire countryside.

We are proud to be the first certified organic grain-to-glass distillery in the UK. Our environmental credentials are at the heart of what we do and from launch we have worked tirelessly to become, what we like to call, ‘beyond organic’ – organic plus plus if you will.

Our spirits are made with total provenance from seed-to-still using local organic farms to grow our exclusive heritage grain. The grain is distilled at our home in the centre of Oxford in our bespoke handmade stills.

For us it’s a win-win: our award-winning spirits are second to none in taste whilst supporting and engaging with the natural world around us.

The Oxford Artisan Distillery exclusively contracts five specially selected local organic farms on over 100 acres of English countryside, all located within a 50-mile radius of our distillery in Oxford.

Our farms grow our ancient heritage grain for us, the likes of which have not been grown extensively in England for well over a century. We are the only distiller in the world to use these populations of ancient heritage grains; painstakingly sourced, revived and bulked up over many years and grown sustainably in methods last used in the 1800s. As a result our spirits have a flavour that cannot be achieved from commercial grain; a signature maltiness with caramel undertones that wins us our rave reviews.

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