Turner Hardy is unique in that it uses whole real British tomatoes to make its juice and offers a range of different spice levels to make the perfect Bloody Mary.

About Turner Hardy

The business was founded by two friends Eddie Turner and Hugo Hardman who were tired of trying to find a real tomato juice for their Bloody Marys. As luck would have it, the people who grow and squash amazing tomatoes on the Isle of Wight were there to help.

About the Range

Turner Hardy is the only tomato juice with a range of flavours from the “Pure” which is 100% tomato juice to the “Lively” for a bit of a kick to “Feisty” which is the perfect mix for a Bloody or Virgin Mary. There is no concentrate in any of the juices, just delicious tomatoes.


Turner Hardy juice is squashed and bottled on the Isle of Wight which is the perfect place to grow tomatoes as it is the sunniest place in the UK. Where possible we use the fruit that falls off the vines as it’s normally the juiciest and otherwise might not find a proper home.

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