Tutts Clump Cider is a family business that was set up in 2006 by Tim Wale. Tim (who is an Agricultural/Motor
engineer by trade) was born in the hamlet of Tutts Clump in West Berkshire and still lives there. Tim is
assisted by his wife and five daughters. Cidermaking started as a hobby with production of some 25 litres. By 2013 the family were using around 90 tonnes of home counties grown apples, crafting some 60,000 litres of Proper Cider which is increasing year on year. The team do not filter, pasteurise or carbonate any of their ciders and the only additives are sucralose and sulphites in small quantities. They are proud to produce an outstanding range. 

Their Story

Tutts Clump is a small hamlet in the village of Bradfield, which lies roughly halfway between the towns of Reading and Newbury in West Berkshire.

My name is Tim Wale, and I was born in Tutts Clump in 1957. This is where I live, and this is where I started making Cider, hence the name. I am married to Catherine and have five daughters, Marie, Sarah, Joanne, Lucy and Rachel. I am an Agricultural/Motor Engineer by trade and have run my own business (Tim Wale Ltd) since 1986. Cider making started as a hobby in 2006 from home in Tutts Clump, but in 2008 I moved production to my work address just around the corner in Hungerford Lane, and now runs alongside the garage business.

Very few apples and pears that we use come from Tutts Clump, but the majority come from within West Berkshire, a few from South Oxfordshire, and a few from North Hampshire. Most of the fruit that we use would have otherwise gone to waste.

The apples we use in the main are not dedicated Cider apples, but are a mixture of eating cooking, and crab apples.

From 25 litres in 2006, to 100 litres in 2007, in 2008 I made 3,000 litres, and at this point decided to go commercial.

We got through around 12 tonnes of apples between July and December 2009 and made up to our duty exempt limit of 7,000 litres. About 1,000 litres of this was Perry.

Between August and December 2010, we got through around 54 tonnes of apples and made 36,000 litres. About 1,000 litres of this was Perry, 1,000 litres of dedicated Cider apples, which we got from just over the border in Wiltshire, and 1,000 litres of Russet eating apples. We now had to register for duty!

We managed to make 40,000 litres of Cider and 2,000 litres of Perry between August and December 2011 getting through around 63 tonnes of fruit by hand. Again most of the fruit is gathered from within West Berkshire, but this year around 15,000 litres of the Cider is made from dedicated Cider apples from Cholsey South Oxfordshire, Yeovil and Cheddar Somerset, and Oldbury on Severn South Gloucestershire, and 2,000 litres of the Cider is made from local Russet eating apples.

We are now making more year on year getting through around 90 tonnes of fruit and made 60,000 litres in 2013. 2,000 litres of this was Perry and 7,000 litres of dedicated Cider apples.

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