Two Drifters Distillery is the creation of Russ and Gemma Wakeham who have a combined passion for rum, science, Devon and the planet. Together, they make an exceptional range of British-made pot-still rums from molasses, and are proud to be the world’s first rum producer with a carbon negative footprint. The distillery is run on 100% renewable energy and they make use of electric vehicles and carbon neutral packaging providers and raw materials. The range of Two Drifters Rum has been made from start to finish at the distillery, and is one of only a few rums produced from scratch in the UK.

Two Drifters White Rum
Two Drifters Rum

Their Story

Two Drifters Distillery has grown from strength to strength since the first bottle of rum came off the stills (April 2019) and this is down to three reasons.

Firstly, they make rum from scratch, they could have easily become another distillery that buys in Caribbean rum and flavours it, but they are proving to the world that the UK can make excellent rum from the raw ingredients.

Secondly, when they set up the distillery, Russ & Gemma firmly believed they couldn’t create a business nor a product that, like so many other businesses, just created CO2 with no thought as to how it impacts on the planet. So, it created the world’s first rum distillery to have a carbon negative footprint, meaning they remove more CO2 than they create, from sugarcane field to consumer’s glass.

Two Drifters consumers are actually helping remove CO2 with each bottle of rum they purchase. To achieve this bold claim, they limit the CO2 they create at the distillery (their waste molasses also goes to a local farmer after distillation), and where they can’t control the emissions (e.g., shipping, farming, refining, glass bottle production etc) they offset with Climeworks (

They offset more than the whole process creates, making them carbon negative. Finally, provenance and transparency are at the heart of Two Drifters and ‘telling their story’ is a huge part of why they have such a loyal following already.

Consumers are able to follow their journey and be proud that they are helping independence, ambition and the planet with each sip.