Award-winning, British-made Rum from Devon. B Corp Certified, independent and carbon negative. A range of delicious Premium, British, truly sustainable Rums.

About Two Drifters

Russ & Gemma Wakeham have two passions – rum and carbon emissions. So they now use their delicious rums (and distillery) to show the drinks industry how to reduce carbon emissions.

About the Range

Four rums all made from 100% molasses. Fermented, distilled, spiced, aged, bottled, labelled and shipped all from Two Drifters. They have a flagship Pure White Rum, beautifully dry Lightly Spiced Rum, aged Signature Rum and the famous Overproof Spiced Pineapple Rum.


Probably the worlds most sustainable rum. With a self imposed carbon tax, they prioritize carbon avoidance and financially penalize themselves if they produce emissions (from cradle to grave). They use permanent carbon capture & storage for all emissions they cannot avoid. Each bottle therefore removes more carbon than it produces.

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