Two Keys was founded in 2019 by spirit enthusiasts, James Simpson and Jack Herlihy. Uninspired by the existing mixers on the market, they were determined to create a mixer that is both unique and innovative that reflected the diversity, quality and craftsmanship that is so abundant in the spirit world.
Their quest took them worldwide, sourcing the very best ingredients – green teas from Japan; black teas from India, Sri Lanka and China; organic cane sugar from Brazil; pink grapefruits from Andalusia and lemons from Murcia.

Their Story

Two Keys was founded by James Simpson and Jack Herlihy, who were inspired to change the world of mixers for the more curious of consumer. Their aim was to create a range that would be ideal when used in cocktails and would seek to feature a variety of ingredients that are sourced from the world’s most exotic destinations.

By working with some renowned individuals in the industry, the due were led to an abundance of sought after ingredients, from black tea within the culture corners of India and Sri Lanka, green tea amongst the cherry blossom surroundings of Japan, fresh fruits from the groves of Spain and fine, organic sugar cane in the green depths of Brazil.

Numerous experimentations took place until Jack and James found their perfect four flavour profiles; Black Tea, Green Tea, Lemon and Pink Grapefruit. 

Two Keys have also become an advocate for sustainability, with each of the mixers being encased in solid recyclable glass bottles. 

Although a new-born in world of mixers, Two Keys are becoming a big name in the world of mixers and are championing quality British made drinks!

Our Brand Profile