Wilce’s Cider is a small traditional cider producer based in Herefordshire. Their family run business has been producing award winning premium cider for six generations, with three still working in the orchard today.

About Wilces Cider

The Wilce family have been making cider near Ledbury for at least 6 generations (albeit mostly for their own pleasure!). This long-standing family of cider makers now produce award winning premium cider and apple juice for everyone to enjoy, using fruits from their own orchards that they wash, mash and press before leaving nature to take its course with a slow, winter fermentation. After roughly six months, Brian Wilce, their very own Master cider maker, blends by taste before each cider is bottled or bagged. 

About the Range

Wilces avoid using chemicals, added yeast and added water in their full strength products, and nor do they add sulphites choosing instead to use only those naturally occuring in the apples. Wilce’s cider is refeshingly traditional and has the unique PGI (Protected Geographical Indicator) classification for Herefordshire ciders. That’s the ultimate in provenance!
The range consists of a sweet, medium sweet, medium and a dry.


During a CO2 crisis, they investigated alternative methods to acquire CO2. By feeding the pomace (leftover fruit after juice extraction) into an anaerobic digester, they produce food-grade CO2.

Wilces has 14 acres of natural ponds and reed beds where they process all their waste water. The water re-enters the water course as pure water, having been naturally filtered through these ponds.

Finally, All the fruit they use is grown within 4 miles of their specimen orchards, which contain 34 varieties of genuine cider apple trees. They proudly display the European Protected Geographical Indicator label for the quality of their cider!

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