A true family business producing award winning premium cider, apple juice and cider vinegar from their orchards in Ledbury, Herefordshire. All of the fruit used is grown within 4 miles of their own specimen orchards that contain 34 varieties of genuine cider apple trees.

Their Story

Wilce’s Cider is a small traditional cider producer based in Herefordshire. Their family run business  has been producing award winning premium cider for six generations, with three still working in the orchard today.

Brian, Pete, Harry and Maurice take pride in the history of their Cider, the awards it has won them, and in its future.

We are passionate about the provenance and artisan production of our drinks as our Protected Geographical Indicator (PGI) status proves. We don’t use any concentrates, additives or chemicals, instead we grow our apples in old fashioned, traditional orchards, allowing the fruit to grow and ripen fully, bringing out the natural flavours and antioxidants.

We have been hand crafting cider for 25 years from our specimen orchards containing 38 varieties of apple trees. All of our products include 100% pure juice from the first pressing of genuine Herefordshire apples, giving them a refreshingly full flavoured taste. Our Herefordshire Ciders are made from a blend of genuine bittersweet and sharp cider apples and our apple juice is made from the finest English desert apples.

Our Brand Profile