Wildjac is an eco-conscious distillery crafting premium, handcrafted spirits from foraged ingredients in the Wyre Forest. Committed to sustainability, we blend botanicals with a serious approach to distillation.

About Wildjac

Based in the heart of the Wyre Forest, Wildjac operates by shared ideals, prioritising customers, sustainability, and teamwork. They strive for excellence, encourage diverse ideas, and champion sustainability. Their vision is to lead with quality, choice, and kindness to the planet, inspiring conscious choices in consumer goods.

About the Range

Wildjac’s range showcases locally foraged ingredients, emphasising a sustainable supply chain by collaborating closely with local farmers. Their spirits, including gin, vodka, and rum, capture the essence of the English countryside, ensuring quality and supporting the community.


Wildjac actively promotes sustainability in every aspect of their operations. At the Wildjac distillery, traditional techniques and advanced technology are used for efficiency. Their commitment extends to packaging, featuring their card ‘Frugal’ bottles, ensuring a lower environmental impact. They also donate 1% of turnover to charities, reinforcing their environmental and community commitment.

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