Wildjac create an exceptional range of premium botanical spirits using natural ingredients foraged from the Wyre Forest and surrounding land. Botanicals are carefully handpicked, selected and blended to create a unique range of spirits.The team have evolved traditional distilling techniques and embraced state of the art technology to reduce their carbon footprint and become more sustainably responsible. Their environmental effort goes beyond the production of their spirits and also includes the way they label, package and deliver Wildjac.

Wildjac Gin Bottle
Wildjac Rum Bottle

Their Story

Wildjac is a truly sustainable and eco-friendly spirit company based in the heart of the Wyre Forest. Founded and owed by Chris and Aster Sadler (previously of Sadlers Brewery), with 150 years of brewing and distilling experience, they know a thing or two about a decent drop and have worked tirelessly to create a perfect handcrafted range of spirits.

Wildjac create premium botanical spirits with natural ingredients foraged from the Wyre Forest and surrounding land. They carefully hand pick, select and blend the finest botanicals to ensure the most amazing drinking experience for consumers. They are continually striving, learning and experimenting to bring out the perfect small-batched seasonal limited editions to showcase the absolute best of their surroundings.

Wildjac takes their responsibility to the environment very seriously and this impacts all of us. They support the environment not only by the way they produce their spirits but also the way they label, package and deliver Wildjac. They are zero plastic, use recycled glass for their bottles (Wildglass), recycled paper for labels, FSC certified wooden stopper, and even a biodegradable seal. Even their pallet wraps and tape for boxes are plastic free. They have not stopped here, but also offer ECO REFILL JACPACs to reduce packaging, reduce weight, reduce water consumption, reduce transported volume and to reduce their carbon footprint. Wildjac give back directly to highly vetted environmental non-profit organisations with their 1% for the Planet commitment.

The current range consists of Honey Spiced Rum, Fresh Citrus Vodka, Natural Dry Gin, English Summer Gin, Damson & Raspberry Gin and zero alcohol Natural Botanical Spirit. They also have some super exciting new product developments coming soon with an Apple & Elderberry Gin, a Cherrywood Spiced Rum, and a delicious Rhubarb Rum. Watch this space!

Wildjac recently featured as one of the Top Ten Exciting New Spirit Brand by Imbibe, won GOLD at the Rum and Cachaca Masters 2021, Silver at the Gin Masters and with their full range scoring over 85 points and gaining Silvers at the London Spirit Competition.

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