There are so many things to love about Wiper and True. For some it’s the unique, slightly mysterious branding, for others it’s the vast range of beguiling beers that they produce. For us, it’s the continuous range and quality of beer that is being meticulously crafted and perfected. Michael Wiper and Alexander True are as passionate about building a successful, sustainable business, as they are about beer. From the offset, they’ve always been keen to experiment with ingredients and that hasn’t changed. Even their regular brews continually undergo a touch of tinkering. Their exciting range continuously pushes the boundaries and makes Wiper & True a highly unique and innovative craft brewery.

Their Story

“We fell in love with brewing at home – learning our craft on a kitchen stove with pots, pans and raw ingredients scattered all around us.

As we tinkered, trifled and tweaked recipes, we studied the ancient art of our vocation. Meanwhile, we were lucky enough to get first hand experience at some great breweries and more importantly, from some great brewers.

Whilst paying respect to the traditional craft of beer making, our inclination from those early days has always been to experiment and to play. Whether that’s roasting our own malts, adding wild ingredients such as blackberries and chillies, or ageing our beer on different kinds of wood, our aim is to create something truly special.

In 2015 we built our own brewery in St Werburghs, Bristol. Our drive since then has been towards refinement, constantly reviewing our recipes and processes.

Whilst our apparatus may have become more sophisticated, our thirst for experimentation and enjoying our craft remains the driving force behind Wiper and True. We want to take the art of brewing and seek extraordinary places.

You’ll find our beer at destinations across the country and further afield. We hope you enjoy the drinking as much as we did the brewing.

Wiper and True. No ordinary beer.”

Michael Wiper and Al True


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