A lot goes into Wood Bros’ small batch single estate spirits. There’s the English winter wheat that is grown on their farm in the Oxfordshire countryside. There’s the distillery, the complex equipment, the intricate process, and there’s the namesake themselves – brothers Ed and Charlie. Their skills and expertise were honed on farms and in distilleries here and abroad. All result in their array of excellent classic English gins and vodkas.

Their Brand Story

Created by brothers Ed and Charlie the distillery was born when we combined our love for the land, as 6th generation family farmers, with the desire to diversify and start using our home grown products and stone granary barns to create single estate spirits.

With Ed’s knowledge of the intricate processes involved, he was able to lead on the development and hand building of the distillery in 2017. The first spirits came off the still early in 2018.

The winter wheat that is grown on the farm, when milled, mashed and fermented, creates a pure, well rounded base spirit with the ability to retain its subtle notes of the grain when distilled to create Single Estate Wood Bros Vodka and Gin.

The ethos of the single estate spirit was, from first conception, vital for the Wood Brothers, ensuring that we have absolute control on the whole process from field to bottle.

Our Brand Profile