A range of single estate spirits including award winning gins, vodkas, whiskeys and liqueurs

About Wood Brothers

Created by brothers Ed and Charlie the distillery was born when they combined their love for the land, as 6th generation family farmers, with the desire to diversify and start using their home grown products and stone granary barns to create single estate spirits.

The ethos of the single estate spirit was, from first conception, vital for the Wood Brothers, ensuring that we have absolute control on the whole process from field to bottle.

About the range

Wood Brothers Distillery Co. offers a captivating range of spirits, each crafted with care and quality. Their single estate vodka, handcrafted from soft English winter wheat, boasts flavor notes of caramel, vanilla, honey, and a hint of pepper.

Their Wood Brothers Single Estate Gin combines home-grown herbs with traditional botanicals, resulting in a balanced and flavorful spirit. For liqueurs, they forage damsons and sloes, steeping them in their vodka or gin for sweet and crisp depth.


Wood Brothers Distillery Co. places sustainability at the heart of their ethos. As family farmers, they take responsibility beyond their immediate environment. Their ambitious targets include reducing inputs, minimizing unnecessary outputs, and promoting reuse.

Distilling, while energy-intensive, is addressed through innovative practices like recycling waste water to heat greenhouses and distillery buildings. They also focus on sustainable packaging, aiming to be a leading supplier of inherently eco-friendly materials.

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