Based on the beautiful Mendip Hills of Somerset, Yonder Brewing is a modern farmhouse brewery where the small team of experienced brewers take inspiration from their surroundings, an area of outstanding natural beauty, to create beers with a true sense of place. With a focus on local ingredients, including wild and foraged, they are on a journey to discover the best possible flavour combinations using ingredients that can be found on their doorstep.

Their Story

Yonder Brewing was born through the combined passion for three things: Foraging, flavour and fermentation.

Looking back, aside from small scale home brew experiments, it never seemed possible to produce the beers that Yonder had dreamt of, but alas they have conquered many challenges to become a brewery with provenence at its core!

Join us on a journey to explore the flavour possibilities of the ingredients on our doorstep and beyond. Whether it’s naturally occurring microbes in the Mendip Hills which spontaneously ferment our beers, carefully farmed fruit and herbs from a few miles up the road, or botanicals hand foraged in the Scottish Highlands, each beer tells a unique story.

Based in the Mendip Hills of Somerset in the United Kingdom, the small team are sourcing the finest ingredients to create flavourful, small batch brews with a strong sense of time and place.

Each product is carefully crafted, and never rushed, using a combination of modern and traditional brewing techniques, including oak barrel ageing and stainless steel maturation.

Our Brand Profile