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Made from responsibly sourced, organic ingredients, Zingi Bear (a play on the latin for ginger) is a super crisp thirst-quencher, based on an old-school style of drink called a switchel – once drunk by thirsty farmers as a refreshing elixir by day and then as a mixer for spirits by night. 

Deliciously bright and refreshing, carefully balanced, with a well-rounded and warming ginger finish. 

All-natural & organic made with a carefully balanced blend of pressed ginger root, apple cider vinegar (with mother), lemon juice, acerola cherry, acacia honey and a touch of sea salt to ‘season’. That is it!  

Some even say Zingi Bear is ‘the champagne of ginger beer’! 


Zingi Bear ginger Switchel
Zingi Bear Founder

Their Story

In the Lake District of spring 2019, Zingi Bear came to life with help from The Princes Trust. Founder and ex-brewer Laurie felt like soft drinks had been left for dust behind the likes of craft beer in terms of flavour, ingredient list and branding.

Cutting back on drinking, not a fan of 0% beer, but still wanting something to drink that felt extra special with the ingredients and taste to match.

This is what Great Taste judges had to say:

“This delicately coloured switchel is really appealing, in its colour, level of carbonation and mild gingery apple aroma. It’s clean, bright and refreshing. It cleverly brings little bursts of different flavours, all of them working together to make a rounded and fabulous drink, that matches sweetness and acidity beautifully. The ginger is carefully balanced to bring a slight element of heat whilst the apple and honey add crispness and sweetness without mutual obliteration. Really delicious and very moreish.”

“A lovely refreshing drink with some punchy yet balanced ginger both on the nose and beautifully on the palate. Not overly sweet. Citrus zingy and very fresh and vital. The sparkle is subtle, yet fizzes gently on the tongue. The finish is light lemon with bold ginger – both fading gracefully together. Delicious and outstanding!”

We hope you’ll agree that our take on a switchel is well-balanced, with many different layers to it, with that zing’ you typically get from an alcoholic drink.

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