Shandy Shack’s Rhubarb Lager and Ginger Beer Shandy have earned the coveted two-star Great Taste award rating, a testament to their exceptional quality and taste. The Guild of Fine Food, renowned for its discerning palate, reserves two-star accolades for products deemed “above and beyond delicious,” a distinction achieved by only 10% of the thousands of entries in the awards each year.

The judges’ comments described the Ginger Beer Shandy as “distinctly moreish with a tongue-tingling fiery ginger finish – delicious!” and the Rhubarb Lager as “An ideal thirst quencher. Perfect for a summer picnic and extraordinarily uncloying.”

Shandy Shack’s tasting notes describe the Ginger Beer Shandy as a malty pale ale spiced with a generous glug of fiery ginger beer, and the Rhubarb Lager as a lively lager muddled with a delicate dash of refreshing rhubarb soda. Shandy Shack shandies are sold in 330ml cans and are Vegan, Gluten-Free, and have an ABV between 2-3%.

The judges were effusive in their praise. The tasting notes revealed the intricate flavour profiles of Shandy Shack’s creations, with descriptions for the Rhubarb Lager like “A very well-balanced beverage. Fulfils its aim remarkably well – a most appealing balance of restrained sweetness and gentle maltiness,” and for the Ginger Beer Shandy, “a real breath of fresh air with a nice grown-up feel and a genuinely authentic ginger flavour. Incredibly refreshing and innovative.”

Following this years success, Shandy Shack is now officially a Great Taste Producer, having won awards in at least three of the last five years. All four of their shandies have now proudly earned awards and will display a badge on their packaging.

Tom Stevens, co-founder of Shandy Shack, expressed the brand’s commitment to providing “moderation without compromise” in their ready-to-drink shandies. He highlighted the appeal of Shandy Shack’s offerings, noting that they contain less alcohol and fewer calories compared to typical craft beers, all while remaining vegan and gluten-free. This aligns with the growing trend of healthier drinking habits, with a recent survey showing that 49% of UK adults are actively seeking to moderate their alcohol consumption.

Shandy Shack’s innovative use of flavours and nod to the shandy tradition has resonated with a wide array of consumers, positioning them at the forefront of the evolving beverage landscape. Tom emphasized the brand’s commitment to modernizing perceptions of shandy, making it a compelling alternative to craft beer, wine, or ciders.

“We have always set out to revive the humble British shandy for the modern-day consumer – pushing the boundaries of what most might associate with a ‘typical’ shandy. Often, we take inspiration from other categories, such as gin, or the fast-evolving soft drink category. We have always looked to tweak and improve recipes with time, so it’s always nice to get the seal of approval from experts that the liquids we’re making are standing out from the crowd.”

See the full range of Shandy Shack shandies here

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