Spirit of ilmington silver

Considered the ultimate seal of approval in the global spirits industry, what sets the London Spirits Competition apart is its realistic judging process which takes in to account consumer tastes and wallets. 

Unlike other spirits competitions that often prioritise distilling ability and technical expertise over drinkability, the London Spirits Competition takes a holistic approach to awards and aims to recognize and celebrate the spirits quality, value and packaging, as well as other consumer interests, like authenticity and heritage.

Winning a London Spirits Competition award requires high scores across all three judging areas. Exceptional quality spirits might not be considered winners if the price and packaging don’t resonate with consumers. The competition recognizes spirits that excel in both quality and marketability. For example, having a 95-point spirit wouldn’t guarantee success if it lacks visual appeal or offers poor value for money. Such a spirit might be well- respected within the industry but struggle to find buyers on shelves or restaurant menus.

The London Spirits Competition is judged by a panel of leading spirits buyers with current commercial buying experience, or spirits consultants and experts directly involved in developing new spirit brands or purchasing spirits for resale. Judges represent a diverse range of channels and disciplines, including multiple retailers, convenience stores, distributors, on-trade groups, casual and fine dining establishments, hospitality, and the travel industry.

The authority of a London Spirits Competition award comes from the power of being judged on quality, value, and appearance, the high caliber of the judges, and the intensely competitive product selection. “We are thrilled that Spirit of Ilmington’s Dry Gin performed so well,” said William Buckley. “This Silver Medal demonstrates that we are creating the types of spirits that bar managers and mixologists want to use, and spirits that drinkers enjoy choosing and consuming.”

Congratulations to Spirit of Ilmington from all of us at Craft Drink!

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