Stroud Brewery & River Cottage Collaboration range

Stroud Brewery have recently joined forces with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall of River Cottage to create a trio of beers to complement their ‘Food to inspire change’ campaign, shedding light on organic & ethical sources of food & drink.

Stroud Brewery are active purveyors of using organic ingredients in their range of exceptional beers. Founder Greg Pilley and his team have a genuine concern about their impact on the planet and they strive in every way to make their business as sustainable as possible – financially, environmentally and socially. Being wholly organic is central to this ethos, as is the sourcing of local ingredients. As such, Hugh identified the brewery as a natural partner for the #FoodToInspireChange product range.

The introduction of their collaborative ‘River Cottage’ trilogy aims to celebrate the humble hop, a key ingredient for making quality and flavoursome beers.

Hops are difficult to grow organically in the UK and this campaign draws attention to the scarcity of this ingredient and promotes a ground-breaking three-year hop trial project initiated by Greg and his team through the Innovative Farmers programme.

This programme aims to identify and trial disease resistant hop varieties, promote organic beers, and reduce the impact that breweries have on the environment.

The range itself showcases three botanical cousins—the aromatic hop, the nutty hemp and the zesty nettle and have been named appropriately so. Stinger Ale has been made with locally foraged nettles, Hempathy is a mild and nutty beer style made with Hemp and Hopful is a UK hop Bitter and showcases the use of UK grown organic hops from the hop trial project.

The Craft Drink Co have been a key distribution partner to Stroud Brewery for many years and are pleased to offer their River Cottage beers to the independent retail and hospitality trade.

For more information, visit the Stroud Brewery webpage or their website.

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