Warner's Distillery are B-Corp certified!

It’s now official, we’re excited to share with you that Warner’s Distillery is now a certified B-Corp!

This is recognition that their business actions are making a positive impact in the world.

What is B-Corp?

Companies that have been certified B-Corp are those who are independently verified by B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

Businesses that seek accreditation have to undergo a rigorous certification process that assesses the company’s performance against a set list of criteria. 

To become B-Corp is a legally binding commitment to both society and the environment  and companies are carefully monitored and assessed throughout their period of accreditation and recertification is required every 3 years. 

Why seek B-Corp Accreditation?

As an independent business, Warner’s were keen to develop the business in a way that serves their employees, and suppliers whilst working toward a more sustainable environment, that they so heavily rely on.  The principles of B Corp allow Warner’s to make the right choices in their processes and operations, and provides an overall awareness of their responsibilities as a business to further develop a better way of working.

Warner’s B-Corp initiatives

Warner’s take pride in their support of employees and are determined to provide their team with sufficient support, training and well-being initiatives.

  • Employees have share options
  • Paid volunteering opportunities are provided to employees
  • 1% of revenue goes to deliver environmental action
  • Supporting environmental intivities by forumlating a business plan in response to Nature Positive by 2030.
  • Actively measuring and monitoring their carbon footprint with strict targets to reduce emissions in a journey towards Net Zero.
  • No plastic is used in their product packaging and recycling is heavily promoted across the business. 
  • Building closer relationships with the supply chain, shining a light on environmental and social performance.
  • Developing partnerships which drive positive impact.
  • Communicating to consumers the importance of taking care of nature and our planet.

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