What we do

“Our business is built on a passion for great British craft drinks and an ethos of supporting smaller independent producers and stockists.”

Richard Chamberlain - Founder & MD

Established in 2014, we set out to help retailers and hospitality businesses buy the best from a blossoming craft drink movement. Our customers are diverse; ranging from pubs, hotels and restaurants to an extensive spectrum of retail outlets include grocery, convenience stores, specialist drink retailers such as craft beer and cider shops, wine merchants, farm shops and delis, garden centres and numerous other formats. 

Put simply, if you’re looking to source exceptional small batch producers from the UK, we have a growing catalogue delivered with excellent service.

Winner of Best Local Supplier at the Cotswold Life Food & Drink Awards 2018.

The UK drinks specialist

Our catalogue is not restricted to just one type of drink but is dedicated to showcasing some of the best British craft drink brands – from beers and ciders, to spirits and liqueurs, to English wine and mead, and an array of No & Lo and soft drinks.

Whatever your focus, you will find outstanding brands from Southern England right throughout our catalogue.

Expert at service

Our business is built on excellent service. We know how troublesome poor service can be. This is what we understand matters most.

Easy to contact

You can email and text us and we’ll always respond the same day. If you call, we’re always there right away.

Knowledgeable staff

Our team has grown over the years, but we’re still the same faces for so many of our customers. The company cares about its people, so they stay! You get to know them, and they get to know you.

Reliable, like clockwork

We deliver the same day every week; and contact you in time so you never miss an order.

Accurate and efficient

We wish we were all the time, but with 1000 drinks and 160 producers, we do make mistakes and stock is not always available. But we are committed to fixing mistakes fast and getting you the stock.

Honest pricing

Our customers pay the same price – the one we publish. We aim to be competitive all the time and offer a rolling programme of monthly promotions to help you drive volume and boost your margin.

Excellent drink presentation

We equip our customers with excellent knowledge and assets, from tasting notes on every drink to a complete library of images available through our marketing department.

Low minimum order and split cases

Other distributors might set high minimums, but we don’t. We encourage ordering often, and we supply all our wines and spirits in split cases so you can order only what you need. Avoid tying up your cash or valuable space with excess stock. Order just in time every week.

Good credit terms and discounts for cash payment

Most of our customers receive up to 45 days credit, but others opt for our 2.5% discount when they pay cash on delivery.

Understanding and support

When combined, we have extensive experience of retail and hospitality so we empathise with your needs. We care about your business and that of our brands and we always put you first.

We offer the broadest array of support for you, which includes sampling stock, barware, retail point of sale support and training.